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Sword Fighting Tournament

Map Help:

There is Normal,Cluttered,Ice Map,Disappearing Plates (my brothers favourite),Loading Dock,Hills,Forest,Stadium,Construction Site (We think),Conveyer Belt Map, Narrows and i believe that’s it so the only ones you have to watch out for is the Disappearing Plates, Conveyer Belt Map and Ice Map the Disappearing Plates Map you have to watch out or else you might fall and accidentally kill your self and the Ice Map you slide along as you stop your moving the Energy Sword gives you extra boost on the ice but is not very powerful the Conveyer Belt Map is kind of like the Ice Map except you keep going whether you stopped walking or not…

Sword Help:

Need help on choosing the right sword for you? Then this is the section for you! (Hey That Rhymes cool) anyway you have alot of money right and you want to buy the right sword for you well here are some suggestions:

  • Sword Cane: it decreases your speed well it is a cane after all but it lashes out and gives some nice damage to your opponent NEXT!!!
  • Golden Katana: it’s good if you want to stay back a bit and not get hurt while doing some nice damage to your opponent.  Next is the…
  • Dagger: it’s not really good but in my brothers case it was an awesome power to behold.  Here’s a funny story:  While me and my brother were doing a Juggernaut bonus round i bet all my money against my brother.  He was the juggernaut and so his most powerful sword was the dagger.  We all attacked him and then he didn’t die.  I was like “WHAT!”.  So we kept chopping at him and he just didn’t die and he won then i bet all my money on him and then he died because of a glitch in the game…The Moral to this story is never bet all your money even if your sure… anyway back to the dagger it’s not very powerful but it’s a good machine gun sword 🙂
  • Dark Heart: what do i have to say about this sword you all probably heard of this sword or seen it well i guess i will show you here it is well you attack furiously with this sword and then when he dies the body is forced to a wall well it fly’s sort of.  Then there is the…
  • Iluima: it’s the cool sparkly sword some people call it the anti-dark heart (although I call it sparkles).  If your good enough with this sword you just might destroy the Dark Heart but the chance is 1 to 100 if you ask me…


Sometimes you don’t get transported to the battlefield but if it’s a high enough like when your on the side viewing area you can hopefully battle like that…

Next is another glitch where you are betting on something and the time runs out while you are still typing then you can’t move your guy with the key board luckily we found away past that you open anti speed hack and then you close it and then your free to move again…


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